With great joy and affection I humbly invite you to join me in cutting the crap and getting busy in living the life you know you want to love. The only one that actually exists, the one you're creating. Right now.

I’m skeptical by nature...

but not afraid to sign up. Give me a name tag and drop me in, I want to know how other people are doing this. Over a lifetime I’ve studied every smart thing I could get my hands on in the technology of happiness and spent my best years as a human Guinea pig in this science experiment, transforming the insides and the outsides of my own life over and over again.

The more I discovered...

and practiced new tools and experienced the dramatic results of doing things differently in my own life, the more I wanted to randomly grab strangers off the street and teach them to do the same. I find a little spot that makes the perfect taco, and I need every person I ever met to try it. It's how I am I can't help myself.

From artist to entrepreneur...

building companies, following dreams, crapping my pants, bulldozing doubt, swimming in victory as well as defeat, and reflecting on these exercises as part of the bigger conversation--an education in what matters most, unlocking the power to choose and cultivate our own human experience as we are each drawn to it in our own divine way.

The consciousness of abundance is not limited...

and the example that we set in the living of it honors the potential in all of us. 

Settling for less is strictly for suckers.

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A native New Yorker and drama major at the famed High School of Performing Arts. Founding member of the seminal all female punk band Lunachicks, Silver spent over a decade touring the world, performing, writing, recording and empowering people of all shapes and sizes.

On hiatus from music she blossomed as an entrepreneur opening the first of her three Brooklyn restaurants, Roebling Tea Room in 2005, quickly becoming a neighborhood institution and one of a handful credited with cultivating the now dominant aesthetic of the Williamsburg food scene.

2017 saw the birth of Sydney Lee Silver Inc, home to newest brainchild BOSS Coaching, a program based on her own decade long passion in human potential training and the integral foundation of personal devolopment work at the heart of busniness and life.

In '17 she would also found passion project Doc's Natural Foods, with an intense desire to promote wellness and a commitment to uncompromised quality, offering healthier eats for busy lifestyles. 

A long time student of meditation and yoga, Sydney has been a lifetime devotee of Eastern philosophy since her first meeting as a teenager with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda in South Fallsburg New York. Although her life would take many turns, her early interactions with the Guru left an indelible inprint that would forever continue to lead the way.


Having survived a debilitating addiction to drugs in her early years, as well as a major bout with cancer, Sydney’s intense commitment to share her story of transformation and repurposing of hardship into achievement has led her naturally to a career in coaching, writing and public speaking.

Sydney still lives in Brooklyn. As a kid growing up in the city her favorite movie was The Wilderness Family. She enjoys living out this childhood fantasy while splitting time with her family in their little upstate cabin in the woods.