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Work with me

BOSS Coaching for Business & Life

one-on-one coaching program

Make a list of 10 people whose lives and careers you admire the most. Favorite athletes, performers, entrepreneurs, creatives, executives and all around achievers of excellence. 

They almost all work with coaches.

So why aren't you?



I love being in business. Being boss of a company is the perfect paradigm for being boss of your life and the same rules apply: ultimate accountability, fierce tenacity, and the discipline of restraint. With vision, laser focus and a clear plan of action, everything is big picture, for the greater good, and you can never quit! If you throw down your towel out of frustration, you still have to return the next day to pick it up. It's the ultimate commitment. It can suck as much as it's rewarding sometimes, but the big payoff is absolute glory.

Of course, you don’t have to be in business to reach your growing edge. Our strategies for growing a successful company or a better relationship with our daughter all center from the same disciplines. Our biggest road block and greatest asset will always only be centered in the habits of our own thinking. HAVING IT ALL is a unique personal vision, one that can be practiced, mastered and manifested.  HAVING IT ALL is the balls to admit what you want, the clarity to know you deserve it and the skills to set it free.


  • First we talk. You talk a lot and I listen. Together we get clear about what you want to accomplish

  • We dig in to identify what’s standing in your way, get clear and move on

  • We work to build vision, feeding possibility, and starving out anything blocking our way

  • We create action plans with the endgame in mind and plan our work in real time

  • We assign practices designed specifically for you, breaking old habits and creating new patterns for growth

  • I will make many suggestions, together we collaborate on what works and on setting goals

  • We have fun! We get it done, laughing, crying, breaking shit, whatever feels good (my lips are sealed)

  • My job is holding you accountable in getting what you want because you deserve to be happy :)


  • Intro 90 minute deep dive set the table session

  • Following 60 minute shake & bake sessions every other week

  • Customized homework and daily practice between calls

  • Calls via video or phone, your choice

  • Email & texting between calls to support you

  • Expect to feel BOSS right away. Being called into action is invigorating!


"Each session left me completely inspired and motivated to keep moving forward and create results beyond what I was producing on my own."  

- Gina Volpe, Recording Artist, Visual Artist, Entrepreneur

"Syd helps me cut through the bullshit and get down to the business of actualizing my dreams. She is a real life rockstar!"

Kristin Westbrook - Founder, Calm City - New York’s first mobile meditation studio


"In this practice of getting out of my own way I'm learning how to be accountable for living a life of my own design as opposed to one built on habit and resentment.

I’ve gained major insight into this connection of making what i want a reality by understanding the discrepancies between those wants and the actions I had actually been taking.

This program is great for someone who has tried everything and still feels stuck in a holding pattern-"

Michelle Tarantelli- Visual Artist